I like to think of myself as a maverick, original, unconventional and a non-conformist.

Brought up in the traditional (read conventional) Indian way,  I finished school, college and worked  in a Bank, for most of my life. The unconventional part is that I Graduated in Life Sciences(BSc.), went on to do my MA and MPhil in Arts(Sociology) and worked in the field of Commerce (Banking) for most of my life :) Looking back, I realize that the roads I chose were full of twists and turns and always with unexpected surprises.These serendipitous experiences over the years, moulded my personality. Most people I know say that my strongest  trait is a Positive attitude and that is such a good thing !

I started working from a very young age and over a period of about 22-23 years, enjoyed experiencing a variety of industries – Tourism, Hotel Industry, Corporate offices(Indian / Foreign), Export Houses, Film Industry (film-making) and Banking (Public Sector/ Private Sector).  In my banking career, spanning 18 odd years, I entered as a junior officer and exited as Vice President (Compliance). Wanting to get more out of life, I quit my job and went back to College to study Psychology full time (PG Diploma in Counseling Psychology) in 2012-13.

En-route I picked up my passions…photography , creative writing and traveling.

I am practicing as a Counseling Psychologist, Life Coach, Freelance Photographer and Traveller. I am also a creative artist and love to spend my time doing something new everyday !

I regularly conduct workshops in Corporate offices on ‘life skills’  and offer counseling and Life Coaching to interested clients. Currently I am in the process of developing a module for workshops for kids (ages between 5-12 years) under my brand – ‘Snowdrops Life Skills Workshops’. These workshops will help the children acquire important life skills like empathy, self confidence, courage, will power etc through fun activities like photography, role plays, nature study, everyday science. Details will be uploaded  our website shortly.

For an appointment, please call or email at :Sutapadelhi@gmail.com or

Contact :Landline No. +91 11-26025562   Mobile : +91 9810583799