The benefits of approaching a counseling psychologist is manifold. Counseling Psychologists help the client understand his/her problematic situations; acquire the necessary skills for coping with them and apply this knowledge, to present and even future events through the use of various tools. Counseling Psychologists have historically been in the business of helping their clients identify their strengths and build on their strengths (Rak and Patterson,1996). In this perspective, individuals are seen as already having the resources to solve their own problems in a practical, immediate way.

While a counseling Psychologist gently guides the client in finding a way out, the ability and the strength to do so is already there, but hidden, with the client. In this process of counseling, a client benefits in that he/she is able to identify and recognize his/her own talent and is encouraged to harness these qualities to make a better life. The focus of the thought process of the client is effectively shifted from the problem towards the solution.

Love yourself
Your relationship with yourself is paramount,
For all your other relationships are based on it;
Tune in to yourself to know your worth;
Respect and accept yourself.

Cherie Carter Scott