Photography, is a tool using which I can express my inner world, to the one outside of me.  Sometimes words are not needed, when images speak. The photographs presented here are of moments I enjoy the most…..moments spent with children, moments spent with myself amidst nature, moments enjoyed en route to many places during my travels ; my camera helps me capture these very ‘moments’ I hold dear and relive them again, and again……This is my passion and it gives me immense joy…… I believe that our world is a fantastic, beautiful, generous, abundant and joyful place… and it is for everyone !

I also enjoy collating /arranging family albums(including print and digital photos), designing event specific coffee table books, creating innovative gifting solutions using photographs, creating portfolios for children, grandparents, family etc. I also have a studio which can be used for indoor and outdoor shoots. I shall be glad to offer my services for a suitable fee. …..and if you liked my photographs and would like to see more of my collection; or if you would like to buy any of my photographs, please let me know.

To contact me, please email me at : or call at +91 9810583799